Spark Joy

Thanks to the Netflix special, Tidying Up, most people have heard the term “spark joy” or know the name Marie Kondo. Have you seen it? Does it inspire you to organize your whole life or make you want to run from your clutter?! Maybe a little bit of both?! As professional organizers, we have really felt the buzz around the concept of “putting your house in order.” And more specifically, we get asked all the time on tips to get started!!! Here are our best tips for getting the ball rolling …

Meal Planning

Happy Sunday! Now that school is back in full swing I am craving routine and loving being back on a little bit more of a set schedule. One of my most coveted routines is doing my Sunday meal planning for the week ahead. If you have not made this part of your weekly routine I really, really recommend it! To say this has been life changing for me totally sounds dramatic but I swear it’s true! I have always loved cooking. I love pouring a glass of wine, listening to some music and being in the kitchen but was finding I was starting to get in a rut and dreading it.