Spark Joy

Thanks to the Netflix special, Tidying Up, most people have heard the term “spark joy” or know the name Marie Kondo. Have you seen it? Does it inspire you to organize your whole life or make you want to run from your clutter?! Maybe a little bit of both?!  As professional organizers, we have really felt the buzz around the concept of “putting your house in order.” And more specifically, we get asked all the time on tips to get started!!! Here are our best tips for getting the ball rolling …

  1. Start Small! Pick a space that you can easily conquer in one sitting to avoid the feeling of overwhelm that can make you abandon the task. 

  2. Set yourself up for success by starting with an area that will have the most impact on your daily routine and that you have control over maintaining. If your morning coffee is the only thing getting you out of bed in the morning then start by creating an organized cabinet space for your coffee and favorite mugs. This allows you to start the day with the reminder of how good an organized space can feel! 

  3. Pick a time when you have no other distractions to devote all your attention to the task from beginning to end. Start by taking everything out of the space and placing all items in categories. This allows you to REALLY see what you have. Do you really need all 50 twist ties that have found their way into your drunk drawer? And can you move the sewing kit into the laundry room? Wipe down the space and begin to put back only the things you need. The icing on the cake, is placing everything back in with the concept of “like with like. ” Use dividers and bins to contain everything in these categories. You’ll be amazed what even an inexpensive container can do to transform your space.  

  4. Step back and enjoy the process. Really think about the way that new space makes you feel, hopefully joy! Repeat the same process with another space.