The clean team.

Chances are that if you found us you are ready to clear the clutter that is making your day to day life harder than it needs to be.

Let Us Help.

We are a team of sisters who have always leaned on each other in those moments when we are feeling overwhelmed by planning that perfect birthday party or redecorating that challenging space. We have learned over the years that the process of organizing and creating beautiful and happy spaces is something that we truly enjoy and love to share with others. 


megan, stacey and michelle

We are sisters, who come from different professional backgrounds, with a love for each other. And a love for organizing. Fieldstone Lane is named after the street we grew up on, in a time that was much simpler. We're wives and mothers whose days are more chaotic than back then and believe that an organized space creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. Let us help you create a space that allows you to live life to your fullest. Xo