My Latest Organization Obsession


There are not many organizing accessories that I don't get giddy about but this one is by far my latest obsession. It's the Acrylic Divided Lazy Susan from The Container Store. It looks pretty and things just look prettier in it! But there are many reasons why this Lazy Susan is so perfect for me and my family. 

First, the dividers allow for even more organization and are easily labeled to keep things in the right place. Perfect for my husband and 9 year old searching for things. I also love the high sides that keep everything upright and contained even when it's getting spun around. And the clear acrylic allows you to see everything at a glance!

There are sooo many options for what you can use this for around the home. I reluctantly had to limit myself to 4 for the time being. They are great for craft supplies in the playroom, small food containers in the pantry, and my favorite ...for first aid items in the bathroom. 


I love knowing that all our first aid items are so easily accessible for my daughter to get. Or for the babysitter and Grandma when we are not home. And with school being out soon having everything at a quick glance helps ensure that I am fully stocked and ready for all the bands-aids and bug spray we will need.