Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday! After what seemed like the longest winter in the Northeast. So much snow, so much cold and so many days spent indoors. Finally spring is here and we can open up the windows and let the warm air in. 


Spring is the season of renewal, which makes it the perfect time to de-clutter your home. Extra clutter can literally drag down your mood, more motivation to start fresh. 

Try the technique we use with our clients. Get yourself 4 boxes and label each one: Trash It, Give Away/Sell it, Store It and Keep It. It's best if you work room by room with the boxes. Give yourself a time limit of about an hour each day. Leave the longer organizing days to us.

Also, it's important to practice some tough love. Step back and try not to let emotion cloud your judgement. Ask yourself do I really need this Dave Matthews concert ticket from the 90s. No, you do not. 


After you are streamlined and organized everything after should have a landing place. I promise your days will feel much calmer. Good luck!